Stowe Vermont is a mecca for those seeking outdoor sports and recreation. From pristine golf courses to top-notch skiing and riding, Stowe has it all. The Stowe Mountain Resort headlines the list of year-round activities, including hiking trails, outstanding bike paths, recreation trails, fishing, and kayaking.  Come to Vermont and enjoy the great outdoors.


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Stowe VT Skiing

Stowe Skiing

Each morning the ritual begins. You make a mental note made of where your boots are stashed. You sling your skis over your shoulder or clutch your snowboard under your arm. It’s time to greet the mountain. The excitement builds as you climb into the chair and put the bar down. You gaze uphill as the chair accelerates up the forested slopes, passing over frozen brooks and snow-laden glades – this place is unlike anywhere else. You look back over your shoulder at the valleys and ridges, farm fields and woodlots, unfolding as far as the eye can see. It’s moments to the top. You adjust your goggles, check your poles, and for a brief moment you’re on the top of the world. Then you drop in. There’s nothing like Skiing and Riding in Vermont.

Stowe GolfingStowe Golf

Whether you are a seasoned golfer looking for a challenge or a novice that is learning the right grip and stance, Stowe has exquisitely manicured golf courses that augment the natural beauty Vermont. With open fairways, rolling hills and scenic mountain views, you will experience golf courses as spectacular as their setting.

Stowe Hiking PathsStowe Hiking

Stowe provides phenomenal options for hiking and exploring, from alpine ascents of Mt. Mansfield (Vermont’s highest peak) to a well-maintained network of nature trails. Enjoy the views from the Pinnacle Trail, follow the Long Trail (inspiration for the famous Vermont beer), or wander the tranquil paradise of Wiessner Woods. Be sure to wear durable footwear, pack hearty foods, and bring plenty of water!

Stowe Bike PathStowe Biking & The Stowe Recreational Path

The Stowe Recreation Path attracts national visitors who enjoy all historic Stowe Village has to offer. The Stowe Bike Path offers spectacular views of the Green Mountain scenery and safe pedestrian access to Stowe Village merchants.

Stowe Tennis

Stowe is well-known for providing a plethora of excellent options for tennis enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. From the prestigious Topnotch Resort to courts that are available for public play, we can help you find the right place to wield your racket. Many inns and resorts offer this activity free of charge to their guests. Lace up your sneakers, pop open a fresh can of balls and start working on your groundstrokes!

Vermont Fishing

Grab your pole, put on your waders, gather up the tackle box, stock up on bait and head out to the river! Float around Sterling Pond and experience fishing at 4000-foot elevations. Come here in the winter and try your hand at ice fishing. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an avid angler or a relative minnow; the peaceful environment balances perfectly with the excitement of your next catch. The fishing options in the Stowe area include; brook trout and river fishing, ponds, and lakes. Visit Stowe, Vermont and be a part of it all.